I’m doing a workshop called The Art and Hustle of Travel Writing in Tubac, Arizona, from August 30th to September 2nd. I will be giving a brief overview of the genre, from Herodotus up to contemporary travel writers like Rory Stewart and Paul Theroux. I’ll cover observational skills and interview techniques. Developing an instinct for the story. Note-taking, photography and video. How to travel safely in dangerous places. Crafting a travel narrative. Pitching your work to agents and editors, and getting paid for writing about your travels. There will be a field trip into Mexico for those who want it, and I’ll be critiquing people’s work.

It’s $350 with a $50 discount if paid in full by August 15th. Contact Cecily at Tubac Writers’ Workshop 520 631 4301, cecilyac@earthlink.net.

Yes the weather will be hot.