Richard Grant

Tres Huevos/A Burning Thing

In addition to writing books and articles, Richard has co-written a screenplay called Tres Huevos/A Burning Thing with Ruben Ruiz and Johnny Ferguson, who wrote Gangster No.1, directed by Paul McGuigan and starring Malcolm McDowell.

“Tres Huevos/A Burning Thing” is a coming-of-age drama set on the U.S.-Mexico border in 1965: It follows the trials of a fifteen year old Mexican-American boy named Alex. He has been raised Anglo by his mother in quiet suburban Tucson, and is now summoned abruptly to Mexico by his father, a cruel and brutal cattleman with a failing ranch just south of the border. With a colorful supporting cast including a folk healer, a beatnik uncle, Mexican cowboys and bordertown whores, the drama is played out during a hunt for a ferocious wild bull, worth a small fortune and reputed to have supernatural powers.

With Jason Furlani, Richard has written a screenplay called God’s Middle Finger, very loosely based on the book. A squad of US Army National Guardsmen go AWOL to follow a fallen comrade’s clues to lost gold in the Sierra Madre, and find themselves pinned between a homicidal drug lord, a narcissistic Federale, and the prospect of having it all.